• j.k. weller

Born To Fly Coming to Life

Writing this book—this part of Chris’s story—was both fun and very challenging. I have

absolutely no experience flying the kind of equipment Chris ends up flying in this story, although for many years I yearned to be able to do that. In order to be reasonably close to the actual situation while writing Chris’s experiences required many hours of research. In the process of learning about how a person becomes employed by an airline as a pilot, I met some people who actually have experience in doing that. Dave Schuur, though not an airline pilot himself, has LOTS more flying experience than do I, including many years as an FAA Inspector, and he put me in contact with some who actually do fly those

kinds of airplanes.

I’m not much of a “it takes a village” kind of thinker, but in this case, I know that it took a village of people to help me successfully write this story. Thank you, to each one who contributed to the writing, editing, and rewriting process.

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