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Authors I Like to Read

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

I’m sometimes asked what books I enjoy reading, and to me that really comes down to the author—which authors do I trust to write in a compelling enough way that I feel confident about reading whatever they write.

To that end, here are some of the writers I read:

When reading for relaxation

JOHN GRISHAM. I can count on his stories capturing my attention and drawing me into the story arc early in the process. I like that he writes in a variety of genres—not all of his stories are legal thrillers, though I certainly do like those stories. His stories about sports persons are also very engaging, holding my interest throughout. Picking up a new John Grisham book is delightful for me.

ROBERT WHITLOW is another author I thoroughly enjoy reading. He writes in a similar way as John Grisham, but with a special Christian bent in his stories. His story arcs include challenges to his readers about how to live the Christian life—at least that’s how I experience them.

KATE WILHELM offers stories that have more of a “home feeling” than some of the other authors, and sometimes that’s what I need for my casual reading. Her stories are always set in fictional communities in Oregon.

UPDATE I failed to add to the list of authors in this post a new author to me, KRISTIN HANNAH. I recently read her book The Nightingale, a novel about the occupation of France during World War II. While reading this excellent recounting of events surrounding the main characters in the story, I felt transported to the time and location of those horrific events. Although I don't usually choose to read about the effects of despots, I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in gaining an insider's view of man's inhumanity toward man.

When reading for learning more about living as a Christian

JOHN PIPER delivers up for us materials that delve deeply into what it means to be a Christian. Always instructional, and always challenges my thinking. I can only manage two or three pages at a time when reading his books, then I have to stop and contemplate what I just read.

HENRI J. M. NOUWEN was a Catholic priest and educator who wrote in simple but profound ways about living a life of following Jesus. In fact, his book that I most refer to and reread is titled “In The Name of Jesus.” After reading him for a while, I feel refreshed and ready to do what God would have me do at that time.

PAUL DAVID TRIPP wrote a daily devotional that has become a favorite for me (given to me by one of my daughters, which makes it extra-special). Each devotion is a full-page long, and causes me to focus on who God is in my life. Perhaps more importantly, it focuses me on the importance God should have to me as I live my life. I come away from the daily reading knowing I’ve been challenged to consider God’s rightful place in my life.

When reading for professional edification

STEPHEN R. COVEY. Having been a management trainer and a college instructor, focusing on management and leadership, I used to do a lot of reading in those topics. I’ve read most of the big time leaders, but few compare in my thinking with the commonsense approach that Stephen Covey presents.

JOHN MAXWELL in much the same way as Covey, presents leadership concepts in ways that are easily understood.

MAX DEPREE wrote narratively about leadership, making his books not only excellent information to learn about, but also an interesting read.

So, there you have it—my take on some authors I find worthy of reading and rereading. As soon as this is posted I’ll be thinking “Oh, I should have included so-and-so,” but for this post, those are my favorite reads.

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